Welcome to ACDPR 2016

The Annual Conference on Disaster Preparedness and Response (ACDPR 2016) is co-organized by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute (HKJCDPRI) and the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine (HKCCM). This year also commemorates the HKCCM’s 25 years of commitment in advocating principles and practice of community medicine, with an emphasis on disaster prevention and community health promotion.

Thank You for Attending ACDPR 2016

Post-Conference materials such as Conference Report, Programme Book, Photos and PowerPoints can be obtained at: http://acdpr.hkjcdpri.org.hk/archive/2016/download.php

Personalized Certificate of Attendance would be sent to participants who have provided valid email address during registration within October 2016. If participants did not provide email address during registration and would like to receive the Certificate of Attendance, please provide your full name and email addresses to acdpr@hkam.org.hk. Thank you very much.

Important Dates

Deadline extended to
31 JUL 2016
early bird
31 JUL 2016

Co-organisers of the conference

Funded by

Collaborating partners of HKJCDPRI

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